Pandan Kaya 班兰咖椰
Malaysian Coconut Jam

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Pandan Kaya 班兰咖椰

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4 Eggs (+-58g each)
250g Caster Sugar
250ml Coconut Milk
Pandan Juice
8pcs Pandan Leaves
150ml Water


  • Pandan Juice



Kaya is a type of jam made out of mainly eggs, coconut milk and sugar. Instead of fruit jams, Malaysians have this on toast bread for breakfast. Some would also eat with steamed bread. They are easily available in Malaysia and are mostly good.My family would usually buy from pasar pagi (morning market) because why waste time and energy when we can just buy good ones and price is cheap. Sadly, where I stay now, good kaya is hard to find. Commercially made and imported are not as good. They are either too sweet or have the wrong texture that I’m looking for.

Fortunately, we can make kaya with simple ingredients. Just lots of patience. This round I’m going for Pandan Kaya. If you can’t find pandan in your area, you can make Caramel Kaya too.



  • Use young pandan leaves if you are after lighter and brighter green colour. Mine is a mature dark green leaves.
  • Kaya gets a few shades darker during cooling down time.



Prepare Pandan Juice

Blend pandan leaves and water in a blender. Sieve and discard pandan pulps/fiber.


Make Kaya Mixture

Crack 4 eggs into a large bowl with sugar. Mix well. Add coconut milk and pandan juice. Stir well to combine.

Strain mixture into a stainless steel bowl or a heat-proof bowl.


Cook Kaya

Boil a pot of water. Use a pot that the mixture bowl can sit on the boiling pot.

When water boil, lower heat to a simmer, place kaya mixture bowl over the boiling water.

Patience starts here. Keep stirring the mixture till it thickens. Breaking between stirs of no more than 1-2 mins allowed. Any longer you might get pudding curds.

It took me 1 hr 30 mins to reach the thickness that I like.


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