Deep Fried Sesame Seed Balls ( Jin Dui 煎堆)

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Deep Fried Sesame Seed Balls ( Jin Dui 煎堆)

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Adjust Servings:
30 g Wheat Starch
75 ml Hot Water
150 g Glutinous Rice Flour
1 Tsp. Baking Powder
1 Tbsp. Cooking Oil
120 ml Water
40 g Sugar
A Pinch Salt
120 g Red Bean Paste
1/2 Cup Sesame Seed


  • Dough

  • Filling



I’ve been enjoying these little snacks since young. They are so easily available in Malaysia. You can find them at morning markets, night markets and sometimes at kopitiam stalls selling kuehs.

Jin Dui / Jian Dui are best eaten freshly deep-fried. They are crispy yet chewy outside, and soft red bean paste centre. Once left out too long, the skin gets hard. Still edible but not as enjoyable.

The place I’m residing now don’t have easy access to snacks. Fortunately, sesame seed balls are fairly easy to make. Only need a little more patience when deep-frying. They take quite long to turn golden brown. I’ve heard stories of some balls exploded while deep-frying , creating mess in the kitchen or worse, burning skins. Luckily, that didn’t happen to me. Else, I’d be missing out on these yummy snacks till I find someone who sells them.



Prepare Red Bean Balls

Divide red bean paste into 12 portions. Roll each one into a ball shape. Cover and place into the fridge.


Make Dough

Boil the water and mix 75g boiling water with wheat starch, combine well. Set aside.

In a mixing bowl, add glutinous rice flour, baking powder, sugar, water, oil and wheat starch mixture. Mix with a spoon first if wheat starch is too hot for hands. Knead till smooth and well combined. Cover and let it rest for 10mins.


Shaping Balls

Roll dough into a log shape then divide dough into 12 portions. Shape them to a ball. Cover with cloth so it won’t go dry. Take out red bean paste balls from fridge. If you compare, Dough balls should be bigger than red bean ball.

Flatten the dough and place one red bean ball into centre. Wrap and seal into a round ball. Another way is to make a big indentation into dough with your thumb. Place red bean ball inside and seal the edges.

Repeat the rest until finished.


Deep Fry & Serve

Roll the balls on the sesame seeds. If the sesame seeds don’t stick well, spray some water onto the ball before sticking them. Or simply wet your fingers before picking up the balls and roll them in sesame seeds.

Deep fry over low heat about 140c - 150c till they puff up and turn golden brown. A lot patience here because they take a long time to turn golden brown. But they are so worth it since it is fresh.



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